When will I get my notification about my buy out?

You should receive an email and text (if requested) within 24 to 48 hours of your order date. The email and text will contain information on how to process the redemption of your buy out. If it has exceeded this time period and you have not received a communication, then please contact customer support. What can I use for my previous providers statement? We will accept your original contract, last service statement, or any documentation showing your previous service provider’s early termination fee.

What if I don’t have my previous statement or contract?

These documents can be found by logging into your former service provider’s website or by contacting them directly.

When will I receive my buy out gift card?

Your gift card will be processed after:
Your system has been installed and activated
You have logged into the Vivint buy out site
Confirmed your information and accepted the terms and conditions
Uploaded your previous providers documentation
Processing and shipping time can take up to 10 to 14 business day.

Where can I check my redemption status?

You can check your latest redemption status anytime at https://vivintbuyout.com. You’ll need the account holder’s last name and the Vivint account number to access the redemption account information.

How can I contact someone with questions about my buy out?

You can contact a customer service representative:
Phone 888.521.4919
Email Help@vivintbuyout.com
Please provide the following information in order to expedite the process:
Vivint Account Holder Name
Vivint Account Phone Number
Vivint Account Number

What is done with the information I provide?

Elite Fulfillment Group only uses your personal information for purposes of this buy out redemption. Any documentation that you provide in order to complete the redemption process is only used to verify your identity and buy out or early termination fee amount. Your personal information and the documentation you provide will not be shared or accessed by any other entity.